For years, I have been exploring ways in which I can use various techniques and materials to create images, objects, and environments in which the ordinary may become mysterious, and through which the viewer might be left with something unresolved.
Much of my work involves portraiture since a person as subject matter can bring about a direct and immediate response. My representational pieces tend to be of people and animals.
Sometimes I break down subjects or objects, and reassemble them into something new that is no longer identifiable, but which still has recognizable elements. At times, I cover selected areas of representational images with abstractions.
Recently, I have been improvising abstract drawings and paintings with continuous lines or rhythmic brushstrokes coinciding with music. My favorite music for this process is music by Funkadelic and by Miles Davis.
Not always, but often, I try to incorporate humor into my artwork, and I always hope to invoke the viewer’s curiosity.

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